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Synthesis Research Inc applies the latest in automation and enhanced analytic functionality to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of conducting literature reviews...

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Synthesis is continuing to innovate and help bring meaningful solutions to the research and health delivery community.

The core philosophy of Synthesis is to automate any of the manual processes involved in a literature review and to bring the latest computer science research into the management of scientific literature.

Synthesis Research Inc works with partner organizations throughout the world. Contact us to discuss mutual interest sales and marketing opportunities or innovative research problems.

Version 3.0.8

Synthesis Version 3.1.x


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • After The License Expires

    Synthesis will still continue to function, however, it will be in Trial mode. Which means you can still continue to work with your existing projects, but any new projects will only be able to import 50 references.

  • Is the license for a specific user or computer?

    The Synthesis license is tied to an individual computer. When installing Synthesis a Installation ID is generated from the individual computer. This Installation ID is then used to generate a Registration ID that is computer specific and includes information when the license expires.

Synthesis Research Inc

Synthesis Research Inc is a software development company focused on improving the way that literature is managed and analyzed. This desire is based around the goal of providing the best synthesized knowledge for supporting evidence-based decision making.

Synthesis Research Inc applies the latest computer science algorithms based around automation and information retrieval and management for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of conducting literature reviews through automating manual processes and enhancing the workflow.

Synthesis Research Inc is located in Calgary, Canada.