Download All Papers

Provides an automated approach for downloading PDFs for all "Included" references.

Synthesis provides the ability to "Download All Papers" that have been marked as "Included". To perform this feature, click the "Download All Papers" buttton on the Synthesis Main Window.

Synthesis typically preforms in the range of 60-85% success rate in its ability in automatically downloading PDFs (when they are accessible).

The ability to automatically download the PDF depends on a number of factors:
  • Is the PDF available: Many journals require subscriptions to access their publications. This requires instituations such as libraries to subscribe to these journals in order to gain access ot the full-text PDF. Access is usually without issue when accessing the publications from within the instituation (i.e. university physical network or virtual private network). An alternative mode of access from outside the instituation is through ezProzy access (see Preferences).
  • Is the PDF technically accessible: Several journals have complete interactions for accessing their publications such as requiring multiple clicks to go through several webpages until reseaching the PDF, or by embedding the PDF in a read-only (non-downloadable) webpage.

Figure: Download All Papers

As the PDFs are being downloaded a status description is displayed to the left of the button saying "Downloading PDFs (X remaining. Y succeeded. Z failed)".

In the event that associated PDFs are not able to be automatically downloaded, they can be manually downloaded and imported into Synthesis through the Paper Tab (See Paper Tab).