Menu Bar

The Menu bar consists of the following top-item menu categories: Project (Change Project, Project Settings, Preferences, Import/Export Project) , Paper (Include/Exclude), Tools (Online Search, Kappa Calculator, Sample Column, Derive Meta Data, Author Statistcis, Grey Literature, Scan for PDFs, Extract PDF Images), and Help (User Manual, Update, Licensing, About).

The following functionality can be found in the Project Menu:

The following Features can be found in the Tools Menu:

The Paper Menu provides functionality for setting the inclusion/exclusion status of the current references. Additionally, hotkeys are provided. Include is Ctrl-I (i.e. "In"), Exclude is Ctrl-O (i.e. "Out"), and Unknown is Ctrl-U.

The Help Menu provides information, support material and license registration for Synthesis. The following contents can be found in the Help Menu: