Filter Cells

The contents of the selected cell will be added to the Search Filter in the Synthesis main window. If there are already terms in the search filter, the value from the selected cell will be added with an 'AND' boolean operater.

To filter based upon a cells contents:
  1. Select the cell that you want to filter by clicking (left) on that cell.
  2. Then Right Click on the cell , you will then see a drop down list.
  3. Click (left) on the option 'Filter by this cell'.

    Figure: Filter Cell - Select the Cell

  4. This will now add that cell into the Search bar on the Synthesis main window.
    1. Note: if another term is already in the Search bar, then Synthesis will perform a boolean 'AND' with the current search term.

      Figure: Filter Cell - Cell added into Search Bar on Synthesis main window

Some information about various aspects of performing a search within Synthesis:

  • The name of the column will be added in front of the cell search term (e.g. custom_Country).
  • A Colon is required to separate the column name and the cell search term (e.g. custom_Country:"Uganda").
  • Quotations for the cell search term are only needed if the there is more than one word.
Table 1. Synthesis Search bar Commands
Concept Description
AND Performs an AND between two search terms.
  • year:1997 AND year:2001
OR Performs an OR between two search terms.
  • year:1997 OR year:2001
NOT Performs a NOT in front of a search term.
  • year:1997 AND NOT year:2001
RANGE Can Perfom a Range in Values.
  • year:[1997 TO 2001]