Paste Cell

Allows the contents in the Clipboard to be copied into the select cell. If multiple cells are selected, then the content is pasted into all of the selected cells.

To paste a value from the Clipboard into a cell in the Synthesis main window reference table:
  1. Select the cell that you want to paste the value into by Left clicking the desired cell.
    1. Note: Preotected cells in the Synthesis reference table that cannot be altered include: Year, Author, Title, Journal, Issue, Have PDF and Primary and Secondary Abstract and Paper Inclusion/Exclusion columns
  2. Left Click on the option 'Paste Cell Text'
  3. The text in the Clipboard will now be copied into that selected cell.

    Figure: Right Click - Paste Cell

  • Another option for copying a value contained in the Clipboard is to selected the desired cell and using the CTRL-V (paste) keyboard command.
  • Multiple rows of the same column can be selected and then pasted into using the CTRL-V (paste) keyboard command.