Preferences and Project Settings

This chapter provides an overview on Preferences and Project Settings within Synthesis. Preferences are main settings for the Synthesis application (e.g. setting the default project's directory, setting the ezProxy configuration, etc.) while Project Settings are project specific settings (e.g. project description, managing cutom columns, etc.).

The following is a breakdown of the capabilities for each one:

  • Preferences: Includes eZProxy settings (i.e. ability to access an instituation's library resources remotely), assigning the Synthesis projects directory (e.g. assigning a or folder for all Synthesis projects), Inet Proxy Server Settings (i.e. ability to bypass an organizations firewall), Google Scholar accessibility (i.e. ability to use Google Scholar in the search for full-text PDFs). See Preferences
  • Project Settings: Includes setting the Project's Title, Project Description, keywords to be highlighted in the Title/Abstract and Full-Text PDF document, Exclusion reasons, Managing Custom Columns for data collection, setting Primary and Secondary Researcher view, enabling PDF viewer in main application, displaying PubMed Meta Data, and enabling Duplicates mode. See Project Settings