Word Cloud Tab

The Word Cloud shows the words represented proportional to their frequency in either the title or the abstract. The words are clickable and can be used to drill down on the references currently being displayed (i.e. whenever a Word Cloud word is clicked it is added to the Search filter).

Figure: Word Cloud Tab

When you click the Word Cloud tab, Synthesis will display a word cloud. A word cloud displays the most frequent words from a text document and increases the font size for the words that are more frequent. Commonly used words such as "the", "and", "or", etc are removed from the word cloud.

The word cloud is generated based upon the most frequent words in the title or in the abstract. You can select which one, by clicking the radio buttons.

There is also a slider that allows you to increase or decrease the number of words being displayed.

If you click on a word, then that word is added to the search filter which will allow you to drill down on the documents. As each word is clicked upon it is appended using the "AND" symbol (e.g. title:Canada AND abstract:health).