Author Statistics

Automatically preforms data extraction and calculations based upon the Authors column for every reference. Creates custom columns for First Author, Second Author, Last Author and total number of authors in the reference.

Synthesis Main Window Menu: Tools > Author Statistics

Author statistics provides the ability to preform some post-processing on the Author field.

To generate the Author Statistics:

  1. Press the Process Button.
Table 1. Author Statistics
Column Generated Description
meta_FirstAuthor The first author for this reference.
meta_SecondAuthor The second author for this reference.
meta_LastAuthor The last author of this reference.
meta_NumberAuthors The number of authors for this reference.

Figure: Author Statistics

  • Author Statistics may not be 100% reliable in cases where the imported bibliographic references author information is not in the format of Author1, Author2, etc. (i.e. comma separated). PubMed conforms to the standard Lastname FN, Lastname FN, etc. while IEEE conform to this standard Firstname Lastname, Firstname Lastname, etc. This makes comparison of authors amongst different bibliographic data sources difficult.

  • Author Statistics are re-written over each time the feature is run (e.g. in case new references have been imported).