Sample Column

Creates a random sample column with the value 'Yes'. This allows the user to create a column and then randomly assign a specific percentage of the references to the 'Yes' value.

Synthesis Main Window Menu: Tools > Sample Column

Synthesis allows a random sample column to be created. This feature can be used in many ways (mainly for validation), some suggested use cases are as follows:
  • Assign a 10% random sample and have an external person review some aspect of the litertaure review.
  • Contrast automated data extraction compared ot a human reviewer using a 10% random sample.

To create a Sample column:
  1. Enter in the Column Name
  2. Use the Slider to select the percantage that you want to create (range: 0 to 100).
  3. Click the Process button to create the random sample

Figure: Sample Column - Creating a Sample1 10% random sample