Scan for PDFs

Provides the ability for Synthesis to check all other Synthesis projects for associated PDFs related to the references in the current project. Since many user projects may be some what related, the PDFs from one project may be relevant (i.e. included) to another project. Saves time having not to re-download an existing PDF.

Synthesis Main Window Menu: Tools > Scan for PDFs

The ability to scan for previously downloaded PDFs wintin Synthesis is a feature that can save a significant amount of time and library resources. Synthesis does not keep a core PDF for each reference amongst all of the projects, as it may be important to mark-up (highlight or comment) on a PDF in context with the project currently being workd upon. This means for each project, the PDF associated with the reference is unique to that project.

To start the Scan for PDFs:

  1. Press the OK button.

Figure: Scan for PDFs