Examine References

Once the references have been imported, the next stage is to examine the references to get an overview of the literature. This can be accomploished by examining summary statistics of the references, Word Clouds of the title and abstract, Topic Clustering, and Enhanced Charts.

  1. To get an overview about the references imported, you can click on the Stats Tab located on the lower portion of the main window.
    1. The Stats Tab provides a high level summary of the references, including how many were imported, how many duplicates, which bibliographic data sources, inclusion/exclusion status, top 20 journals, top 20 subject (MeSH) headings, and references by year.

    Figure: Stats Tab

  2. Another way to examine the references is to use the Word Cloud feature. Click on the Word Cloud Tab on the lower portion of the main window.

    Figure: Word Clouds

  3. Topic Clustering is another way to examine the references. To access this feature, click on the Topic Clusters Tab on the lower portion of the main window.

    Figure: Topic Clustering

  4. Another approach to understand the data may be in a graphical format. Right Click on a cell in the Year column and then select View Chart Enhanced.

    Figure: Enhanced Charts 1

  5. This will launch the Enhanced Charts window that will let you manipulate the chart's data.

    Figure: Enhanced Charts2

    The Enhanced Chart's interface allows you to the manipulate the chart using the following functionaly:

    1. Chart Types: Pie, Line Bar, Stacked Area, Stacked Bar
    2. Chart by Year: Breakdown of categories by reference Year.
    3. Menu Options: No Menu, Left Menu, Right Menu, Top Memu, Bottom Menu
    4. Show Values: Displays the count of each segment (Pie Chart only)
    5. Show Percentages: Displays the percentages instead of the values (i.e. count)
    6. Show Null Values: Displays missing data (i.e. Null Values)
    7. Limit Categories: Pools categories of items into a pre-defined amount (classified as other)
      1. Include Other: Displays the Other category.