Define Project Information

It is important to define the project. This includes providing some thought towards what the main purpose of the litertaure review is. This can be captured through defining the PICO (Patient/Population/Problem; Intervention; Comparison; Outcome) model. Additionally, from a tactical presepctive keywords can be added that will be highlighted in the Title/Abstract and PDF to ease in the indentification.

  1. The Project Description sub-window is a Text Field that allows you to record information about the project.
    1. Synthesis provides a general template for defining the PICO (Patient/Population/Problem; Intervention; Comparison; Outcome) model. Inclusion/Exclusion criteria can also be documented here.
    2. This sub-window also displays a history of bibliographical searches or importations.
  2. The Highlight Abstract Keywords sub-window is a Text Field that allows you to define keywords that you want to be highlighted in the Abstract field.
    1. This feature is good for quickly identifying key text that you are interested in for applying your inclusion/exclusion criteria. Synthesis provides a default of keywords for identiying the various sections of an abstract (i.e. Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion).
  3. The Highlight Fulltext Keywords sub-window is a Text-Field for defining the keywords that you want highlighted in the Full-Text PDF.
    Notes for Highlight Abstract and Fulltext keywords:
    • Eahc keyword should be defined separately on its own line.
    • If identifying a phrase such as "case control", then the phrase needs to be in quotations, otherwise Synthesis would highlight each word "case" and "control" separately.

    Figure: Project Information

    Note: All the information displayed in the Project Information tab is contained in Project > Project Settings. See Project Settings