Searching in Synthesis

Synthesis provides a powerful language for searching within references in the proect.

As you type in the search box at the top of the Synthesis main widow, the references in the references table below are instantly filtered. The search syntax is fairly intuitive - terms, "phrases" in quotes, AND/OR/NOT and parentheses work as expected. You can also filter by specific fields. See Search Syntax for a fullter discussion of the syntax.

The search is performed in the following fields by default:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Author
  • (Optional) Full text
  • (Optional) Mesh headings / keywords

Full text (PDF) search and Mesh headings are only included in the search if the PDFs and/or Mesh check boxes are checked, respectively.

Synthesis has implicit filters based on what you select in the Primary Researcher's Ratings and Secondary Researcher's Ratings drop down lists.

Note that many of the analysis functions of Synthesis work on the filtered reference list - so as you filter the references using search, tools such as Word Cloud, Topic Clustering, Stats, Bibliography are also filtered.