Preferences Dialog

Preferences Dialog allows the user to configure various aspects of their Synthesis installation including EZproxy, Internet Proxy, and Projects Directory.


The Preferences Dialog allows the user to set global options for the Synthesis installation (i.e. they are not project-specific options). There are four types of settings:

  • EZproxy configuration
  • Internet proxy settings
  • Projects Directory
  • Google scholar


EZproxy Settings

The dialog has the following options for configuring EZ Proxy:

Field Description
Use ezProxy? Click checkbox to have Synthesis use EZproxy to access institutional subscriptions to bibliographic databases.
ezProxy institution Set to the name of the institution at which EZproxy is being used. This automatically sets the "ezProxy URL" (below). If this is set to "<Manually Entered URL>" then the user types in the URL for the EZproxy service below.
ezProxy URL The URL to prepend onto the

Google Scholar

Enable "Use Google Scholar" checkbox to have Synthesis try Google Scholar to find PDF download locations if it can't find the PDF using the links that come with the reference.

Projects Directory

The current Projects Directory is shown. It can be changed by clicking the file selection button (…) and chosing a new location.

Internet Proxy Settings

Field Description
Inet proxy server
  • None - when accessing the internet, Synthesis will use direct connections without using a proxy server.
  • Manual - Synthesis will use the proxy server specified below
  • System - Synthesis will get the proxy configuration from the underlying operating system
Proxy server (hostname/IP) Enter the name or IP address of the internet proxy server to use
Proxy Server Port Enter the TCP port for the proxy server