Importing References from MedNar, EnviroNar,

You can export searches from MedNar and import the references into Synthesis. This procedure explains this process.

Perform this task in order to export references from MedNar, EnviroNar, or and import them into Synthesis.
Note: MedNar is a grey literature database that includes a lot of papers from the Federal US agencies (i.e. US Department of Health, National Center for Health Statistics), World Health Organization and other resources. Other databases include for Life Sciences and for US government science literature.
  1. Access the MedNar search page at
  2. Enter search term in the search field at the top of the web page (e.g. "patient flow")
    1. Examine results
  3. Under Session Preferences (click ) and change Results per page to 250.
  4. Select the references you want to export
  5. Click on the My Selections link
  6. Select Download your selection to your desktop in RIS format
  7. Import the file, see Importing References from Files