Importing References from PubMed

While it is easier and quicker to download PubMed references from the Online Search Dialo, it is also possible to export PubMed searches from their web page and import the references into Synthesis. This procedure explains this process.

Perform this task in order to export references fom the PubMed website, and import them into Syntehsis.

  1. Access the PubMed search page at
  2. Enter search term in the search field at the top of the web page (e.g. "national health interview survey" or "NHIS")
    1. Examine results
  3. Click on Send To
  4. Under Choose Destination select the File radio button
  5. Under Format select Medline
  6. Click Create File button
  7. The file pubmed_results.txt will be created on your computer
  8. Import the file, see Importing References from Files