Importing References from Scopus (Elsevier)

You can export searches from Scopus (Elsevier) and import the references into Synthesis. This procedure explains this process.

Perform this task in order to export references from the Scopus (Elsevier) website, and import them into Synthesis.
  1. Access the Scopus search page at
  2. Enter search term in the search field at the top of the web page (e.g. "patient flow")
    1. Examine results

  3. Under Document results click on the All checkbox in order to select all references to export
  4. Click on the Export link/icon . This opens another web page to export the references:
  5. Under Export Format dropdown, select RIS format (Reference Manager, ProCite, EndNote)
  6. Under Output dropdown choose Abstract Format
  7. Click Export button
  8. This creates a file called UNKNOWN
  9. Import the file, see Importing References from Files