Bibliography Tab

Provides a variety of bibliography/reference styles as basic text for the references currently being displayed. BiBTeX and [Author, Title, Journal, Issue] are options. The latter style provides additional levels of information , such as adding the abstract and user comments.

Figure: Bibliography Tab

When you click on the Bibliography tab, Synthesis will display several styles of bibliographical information. This information is displayed as basic Text so that it can be copied and pasted into another document such as Microsoft Word or LaTeX.

The format of the references come in two basic styles. The first reference format is [Author, Title, Journal, Issue], Abstract, Mesh and Comments but can change to include more or less detail by selecting the approriate option. The second reference format is BibTex (common in science and engineering journal manuscripts).

Note: Synthesis can export the references as a RIS formatted file which can then be imported into common Cite-And-Write applications (e.g. EndNote, RefWorks, etc.). See [TODO]

Note: The Bibliography tab is one of the only ways to export the Comments section for the primary and secondary reviewer. The other mthod is to use the "Export to CSV" button. See [TODO]