Overview of the Manual

This user manual is designed with the following chapters:
  • Introduction: provides an overview of the manual, hardware and operating system requirements, installation instructions, and launching Synthesis. See Introduction.
  • Rapid Review Tutorial: provides an overview of how to conduct a rapid literature review in a stream-lined work flow using many of the enhanced features of Synthesis. See Rapid Review Tutorial.
  • Synthesis Main Window
  • Preferences and Project Settings: provides an overview of the Preferences and Project Settings within Synthesis. These setting include overall Preferences for Synthesis such as setting ezProxy and default Synthesis Project directory settings, as well as, Project specific settings like the title, primary and secondary reviewer views, duplicate mode, custom columns, highlighted keywords and exclusion reasons. See Preferences and Project Settings.
  • Features - Tabs: provides an overview of Tabs located on the Synthesis Main Window. These tabs include Paper Detail, Statistics, Bibliography, Word Cloud, Topic Clusters, and Project Information. See Features - Tabs.
  • Features - Tool Menu: provides an overview of the Tools located in the Tools menu on the Synthesis Main Window. These tools include Online Search (PubMed, PMC, IEEE, US Patents, and arXiv.org), Kappa Calculator, Sample Column, Derive Meta Data, Derive Meta Data from Text File, Author Statistics, Grey Literature, Scan for PDFs (ability to import PDFs from other Synthesis projects), and Extract PDF Images. See Features - Tools Menu.
  • Features - Right Click: provides an overview of the features obtained by right clicking on a reference in the Synthesis Main Window. Features include Filter Cell, Copy Cell, Paste Cell, Copy Reference, and View Enhanced Charts. See Features - Right Click.
  • Help Menu: provides an overview of the components located in the Help menu on the Synthesis Main Window. This includes access to the Help Menu, Register Synthesis, Check for Updates, and About Synthesis (version number). See Help Menu.
  • Core Functionality
  • Importing References
  • Appendix - Synthesis License