Importing References

Synthesis supports four general methods for importing references into your project: online search, file import, grey literature manual import, and project merge.

Online Search

The fastest and easiest method of getting references into Synthesis is via online search. See Searching for References Online

For example, to import references from PubMed using the online search feature you would open the Tools > Online Searchmenu option, choose Pubmed from the drop down list, and then enter a PubMed search term and following the dialog instructions to import it into Synthesis.

Importing References from Files

You can also import reference files by clicking the Import Citations buttton on the Synthesis main window. This allows you to import references previously exported from reference databases and other reference managers. Synthesis supports importing references from services such as the following:

Synthesis is not restricted to the above list. See Supported Reference File Import Formats for the list of reference file formats supported by Synthesis - any reference service or application that exports data in a supported format can be used with Synthesis.

Importing Grey Literature

You can import grey literature by entering it manually into a form, or copy/pasting reference tag information from your clipboard. Both functions are available from the Grey Literature, which is accessible in one of the following ways:

  • From the Tools > Grey Literature menu
  • By pressing Ctrl-G

Merging Projects

Another way that references can be added to an open project is by importing another project previously exporting using the Project > Export Project For example, this might be done by a secondary reviewer when setting up a literature review for the first time and receiving a copy of the starting project from the primary reviewer.